The Voices Series - a series of sameness

“These books are designed to open your eyes to see that all people are the same

regardless of their differences.” ~ Lynda Wolters

About Lynda

Lynda was born and raised in a tiny farming community of 400 in northern Idaho. She worked on the family farm with her first job being picking rocks out of the fields with her dad and grandpa. She learned to drive while sitting on her grandma’s lap (she would steer as her grandma controlled the gas and the brake) and then graduated to driving her grandpa’s old 1950's stick-shift International pick up truck with her grandpa sitting next to her. Once she was “legally” allowed to drive, she quickly climbed the family farm ladder and was promoted to truck driver and then to the elite position of driving combine during harvest. After high school she traveled to New York to be a nanny for a few months before moving to Las Vegas to further her schooling.

She moved back home to Idaho to raise her three sons and continues to reside there with her husband and long-haired miniature dachshund, Tucker “Bug”.


Lynda has worked in the legal field for 30 years and enjoys ballroom and swing dancing, horseback riding, kayaking and rafting the rivers of Idaho. She has a heart for people and enjoys regularly volunteering. She spends a bulk of her time at the family’s cabin where she writes with Bug on her lap.

Lynda has completed two books in her Voices series and is awaiting their publication. The first, an untitled book crafted from conversations she has had with numerous cancer thrivers like herself, is a collection of points of view regarding being a patient and how others around them, non-patients, can learn to better communicate and be more effective in their support of cancer patients.

“Rainbow Road” (working title)

Her second book in the Voices series, Rainbow Road, has yet to be released. Like its predecessor in the series, Rainbow Road is a collection of views from those in the LGBTQ community. Lynda’s hope with this book is to dispel fear and anger toward this marginalized group of people and open a positive dialogue for families, friends and adversaries of LGBTQ.


Me and Bug.jpg

Works on the “drawing board”

Lynda will begin work on her third Voices project shortly, which will be a collection of insights from America’s homeless population.

            Lynda is also working on a children’s book, Luna with renowned artist, Taylor Humby of Humby Art©  Taylor and Lynda have collaborated to create a hard hitting picture book that is gentle in its delivery for youth 4-6 regarding death and loss.