Admitted to 4 South

I am writing this entry from my hospital bed at 4 South.  I was admitted yesterday as my temperature elevated beyond the 100.4 benchmark.  I struggled throughout the night with fevers up to 103.  The fever seems to have broken now but I am still neutropenic, meaning my white blood cell count and ANC (neutrophils) are zero.  Because of the fever I will not be going home until those counts, WBC and ANC, recover to at least 500.  I could be here a few days.
I have also learned that I will be receiving another blood transfusion as my hemoglobin has dropped to 7.  My platelets have dropped to 15 (normal is 150-450) and I will need a platelet transfusion if this number drops to 10.  
Not exactly how I expected to spend my weekend, but grateful for the team at MSTI and 4 South for quickly assessing and caring for me.
Thank you to all those who donate blood and platelets, you are life saving for me.

Lynda Wolters