Holding my breath

We are back from Texas and while I don't have the final results, it would appear that this could be the home stretch for Phase 1 of my treatment.

I did not need a thyroid biopsy as the radiologist did not see anything that warranted one.  I was told that there did not appear to be any lymphoma nor active cancer in my thyroid or my neck.  I was able to get my colonoscopy and endoscopy results over the phone today and both were clear with no signs of active lymphoma.  These tests, along with the clear bone marrow biopsy last month indicate that there is currently no active cancer in any of the places it was originally found; neck, thyroid, upper and lower GI tract and bones.  All I need now is the final word from Dr. Wang in Houston and I will be done with Phase 1 and dare I say, in remission.

I am filled with emotion.  I am happy, excited, nervous, anxious, scared, overwhelmed and completely exhausted.  I fly back to Houston on Sunday and will get the final results Monday, have an infusion and I assume, put a plan in place where Dr. Wang will become my consulting specialist turning over my main care to Dr. Arteta in Boise. 

I am holding my breath until Monday. 

Your prayers and good thoughts are working and I could not do this without your constant encouragement which keeps my spirits lifted.  I love you all, thank you for being my angels.  

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Lynda Wolters