Some Answers, Some Questions

It was a very long day, only four hours of sleep then dealing with providers at MSTI (Mountain States Tumor Institute) as well as in my gynecologist's office, I was left with one good answer and several more questions.  The good news is that it has been determined that whatever is going on with the precancerous cells will be dealt with after my chemo.  Funny, I just wrote that and realized there really wasn't much about that statement that was good news.  The questions I am left with are surrounding my chemo.
As I was in a trial in Houston all of my medical records reflect the same.  The "Phase 2" of the trial just happens to be the "Standard of Care", which everyone with my diagnosis receives.  However, because of the way my records reflect a trial, my insurance is going to balk at paying for my chemo as they don't pay for trials, even though this phase is actually, again, the Standard of Care.  It makes no sense to me but my doctor will need to write an addendum clarifying the fact that I am no longer in the trial and that he is going to give me the standard of care, which my insurance will then hopefully pay for.  This doesn't sound like too big of a deal except that Dr. Arteta is out of the office until Tuesday; I am scheduled to start chemo Tuesday.  So much added anxiety it is difficult to breathe at times.  
This reminds me of the most poignant Facebook post I have seen in a while, my friend, Bill posted: "If methadone is free to addicts because they have a disease why is chemo not free to cancer patients?"

Lynda Wolters