A Change in Plans

After much research, conversation and prayer, we have decided that Seattle is no longer the place that I am going for my second opinion. Instead, I have an appointment with a Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL) specialist, Dr. Luhua (Michael) Wang at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.  http://faculty.mdanderson.org/Luhua(Michael)_Wang/  I am very excited to meet him and the team down there and anxious to hear their thoughts on a treatment plan.  

My first appointment is October 18 and I will be at the facility through that week.  Apparently they will retest or do additional testing as needed.  Thereafter we will have a treatment plan. In regard to treatment, there seems to be a very real option of Watch and Wait (W&W) in cases where the person has few symptoms and their blood counts are good, regardless of if they are Stage IV.  I am not sure if I fall into that category or not, but I am hopeful as in have few symptoms (even though they are "big" when they come on) and my blood has been very good. From what I have read, however, the fact that my thyroid has been diseased may bump me out of the W&W plan.  

As with all of this, I remain faithful and hopeful.  I so appreciate all of your well-wishes and prayers and can't thank you enough for your friendship.  I will update again as I know things, likely after my Houston appointment.  

Specific Need/Request: Please continue to pray for a hopeful outcome at MD Anderson and that my family and I remain strong during this big appointment in Houston.  I would ask that you all continue to reach out to my family as they too are in this fight.  

Lynda Wolters