Amazing Moment

I can walk! I have NO PAIN!  Anywhere!!

I woke up this morning without pain and was able to walk, just like that.  No rhyme or reason.  I can't stop tearing up.  I want to hold my breath and squeeze my eyes shut like a little kid wishing nothing will change.  But that little voice inside my head keeps reminding me to open my eyes, soak it in and enjoy the present.  I will not let fear of the future rob me of this moment.

As you all have endured my pain and struggle through my posts, it didn't seem fair to keep this to myself until later.  I wish you could see me; there are no cartwheels, but I am dancing in my mind. Thank you God!

And thank you all for climbing the mountain with me and enjoying the toboggan ride back down;I can hear the joy and laughter!  I love you and I pray that we all remember what a Blessing it is to feel good.  

Lynda Wolters