Round 2

This has been an eventful week. I traveled to Houston again on Sunday for my Monday infusion.  I was fortunate enough to meet an amazing couple from this area.  Sad to say, however, they were also traveling to MD Anderson for diagnosis and treatment.  They are wonderful people and they could use all of our thoughts and prayers (Ray and Diane). My infusion went well and rather quick. Travel home was a bit daunting but it always is after treatment.  

The travel and these crazy drugs are worth it though, as my lymph nodes are all but gone.  In fact, dare I say I can hardly feel them....?!  It is spectacular and I am so hopeful.  

Unfortunately, on Tuesday evening I started with an elevated temperature.  There is a threshold number that once the temperature passes I must go to the ER; that number is only 100.5.  I was able to limp through the night but by Wednesday morning I was in the hospital.  After running many tests it was found that I had a small infection and my White Blood Cell (WBC) count had dropped, not to a serious nature, but noticeable. I was given IV fluids and antibiotics and sent home with additional antibiotics.  I was told at the time of discharge that I could use Tylenol for my fever (which I have now learned from MDA is a no-no for chemo; or at least on this trial, I'm not sure).  I feel like I have the flu, with chills, fever and a slight, dry cough, body aches and fatigue.  I am hoping to stay out of the hospital over the weekend.  Dr. Wang will see me Monday prior to my infusion to make sure I am cleared for that infusion. Traveling this weekend may prove to be challenging.  

With all that being said, and especially during this crazy time in our country and with it nearing the Thanksgiving holiday, I just want to say, I am grateful to all of you for your support, friendship and kind words; I love hearing from you.  As well, I am thankful to my Ground Angel Kathy, whom I believe I have become a singular mission for, thankful to my family for continuing to listen and reminding me not to lose myself and become only known as "Lynda with Cancer," thankful to my husband for his love and endless patience with my complaining, "It's too hot, It's too cold, I'm hungry, I can't eat...," thankful for my boys and their spouses/significant others for always being available whether on the phone or in person, thankful for the opportunity to travel to MDA for experimental treatment. I am thankful to my providers for their knowledge and care. I am thankful for my job; it really is a relief to just be able to walk through the door (reminds me of what normal used to be), and I am thankful for my dog, Tucker - he never leaves my side :) 

Lynda Wolters