Looking for the Rainbow

When I woke up today and realized I was itchy, that my face was swelling and that my joints were incredibly painful, knowing I was obviously having a reaction from all the drugs recently administered, my first thought was, "where am I going to find the rainbow today?"

Friday night I was at the ER again with a fever and by Saturday morning was admitted to the oncology floor for observation; if that isn't surreal.  Yes, this is happening, I really have cancer and there is no side stepping it, down playing it or otherwise diverting it, this is real.  

Over the past several days I have been given a plethora of medications to help combat this mystery fever and possible elusive infection; unfortunately, one of them gave me an adverse reaction.  My lip swelling looks like an expensive lip Botox treatment!  

In the ER today, I was given three more medications to combat my new Botox look.  While I was there I was told no blood needed drawn, no tests needed ran, I only had to take the oral medication.  I chuckled and said to Jody, "I just found my rainbow!"

We changed my flight to Houston today to later in the afternoon and I will be trekking down to Houston for my appointment with my doctor and hopefully my third Rituxan infusion.  Another rainbow. 

I am hopeful to continue to find my rainbows during this storm and today that rainbow was no needles and the ability to continue forward with my fight.  It is a good day!

Lynda Wolters