My first big haircut

It may be a bit premature given my recent PET Scan, but I have faith and am hopeful that the bone marrow biopsy on the 10th will come back clear.  If it does I am one step closer to losing my hair anyway through the "big chemo," so why not have a little fun now.  I have been threatening to do this and finally just walked into a salon yesterday and did it.  As you know, I have quite a long-standing connection with my hair so this was a big deal.  It is now just below my jaw line and with my natural wave the first thing I said when I looked at myself in the mirror  was, "I think it makes me look younger." My Mom thinks it is adorable and she told me so with that, "oh, my little girl" kind of tone.  I get the impression I reminder of when I was little and she cut my hair off.  Only now the blonde is replaced by gray.
Regarding my Mom, things have really turned the corner.  She seems to have come out of her fog from the death of my Dad last year and with that, she is starting to get involved with my situation and even writing down the days that I will be leaving for Houston.  She is asking questions about my treatment and procedures and yesterday, when I asked her where she felt comfortable regarding my care during the big chemo, she said she hoped that Jody and I would trust her to care for me.  This broke my heart.  
How could I not trust my Mom to take care of me?  She continued by acknowledging her previous difficulty with my diagnosis, essentially her absence from anything regarding my new life.  She said she was sorry and bowed her head when she spoke.  I told her I couldn't imagine going through this without my Mom taking care of me.  
Yesterday was a big day, new hair, new Mom.  

Lynda Wolters